We know your information is very important to you and we want to show you it is just as important to us.

Although we cannot ensure that you have invested in internet security through your ISP or self purchase, we can assure you on our side and bring you peace of mind as you do business with us on our site.That's why we have taken the liberty of assigning McAfee Security to ensure you that we are a "Trusted Site" and we are 100% who we say we are. Click on the badge to check on Trust.

We also have an "SSL Certificate" to protect any of your personal shared information while purchasing/paying for service online on our site. Web browsers give visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar, to make sure visitors know when their connection is secured. This means that they will trust your website more when they see these cues and will be more likely to buy from you. SSL providers will also give you a trust seal that instills more trust in your customers. Notice the "s" in the browser website address, it entails we are a secure site to ensure your usage of our site while making transactions, is secure. Take note to other sites that just show the "HTTP". The "S" is for security, so if there is no "S", then there probably is little to NO SECURITY for personal information to be used and/or shared.