We are thrilled you have chosen Pride Transport/Hauling for you requested services. We look forward to meeting you and providing the best service. We pride ourselves on what we do; so please feel free to make a suggestion to our kind and friendly staff if you feel they may not be performing the service you've requested.

(NOTE- Please contact us direct at (916)757-7985 if you feel there may have been an error in your submitting the Service Request form.)



From this point forward now that you've supplied your necessary information and selected our service's, you can expect:

1) A call, text, email, and/or E-fax from our staff to confirm a comfortable, available open time frame and date that we can begin your requested service(some services may require a deposit).

2) After we have arrived we will check out the area of passage/walk way that we will be using while entering through and exiting the property as we collect the item(s) and load and/or move.(for all residential services/transactions we will collect payment up front)

3) We will take pictures (via camera phone) of the item(s) and area(s) around the item(s) of requested service. This helps us keep record of anything we may or may not have serviced, as well as show proof of service and at the same time can be documented/recorded for any claims and/or misplaced item(s).

4) At this time we gather our required (if any need be) equipment and/or tools and begin our services. 

5) For Moving services, we will secure contacting surfaces on your belongings from the vehicle(s) as needed. As we are loading the item(s)/belongings we will tie down/strap down item(s) to vehicle(s) for safety reasons as well as damage prevention. When loaded we will take "after" pictures of the serviced area(s) and the secured item(s)/belongings.

6) For closing; the hauling requested service(s) we will also take "after" pictures of the serviced area(s) where in most cases as an additional service, we will sweep clean and/or use our Leaf Blower to give a nice finishing touch as we prepare for departure, in most cases. We will then thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide our services to you and leave you with a couple/few of our Business contact cards, if available.

7) As we arrive to the ending destination for your Moving service, we will take your direction as where you would like us to place and position your item(s)/belongings as best as possible given the space(s)/area provided/instructed to(we ask that you please have a general idea of how you would like item(s) positioned, to help expedite service). We well then safely unload your item(s)/belongings to the positions given and have you inspect your item(s)/belongings and/or property to make sure it is in the same condition as it was prior to our beginning services. After everything thing is inspected and accounted for, we will take our after pictures and prepare for departure.




Courtesy/Disclaimer Note: Please cancel any/all unwanted services/request, 48hrs prior to scheduled/agreed date and time of service. Our company must take the time to coordinate schedules with our staff and other service request. Also take into consideration the time, mileage, vehicle(s) wear & tear, and our paid laborer's to get to you and/or your request and/or location(s). In the event you were to cancel any and/or all service request within the last 48hrs prior to service date and time frame; you will be charged a minimum, "SERVICE CANCELLATION/UNPREPARED FEE" of $85.00. In some cases and/or service request; we may ask for a deposit before scheduling and/or beginning any/all requested services. We are a professional, legitimately licensed and insured business company, we do appreciate all cooperative courtesy.



-For any immediate answers to your possible question, prior to directly contacting us, please click HERE and be instantly connected to our "Q&A" page.-