First of all, you as a driver; want to decide on the best parking position for a possible 1-2 hour stay (with in doing so, you want to make sure you minimize parking in a traffic areas that may block residents from leaving). Next, you or your second hand/helper will place an orange safety cone at the protruding front/end of the main vehicle/vessel and/or the trailer to give visual notice to pedestrians and vehicles to minimize the possibility of an accident. After that is done, we must examine and/or check over the area of service and items in topic of. We shall then take "before pictures" to ensure the "Proof of Service" and/or if there are any unfortunate accidents and/or damages to either property's. Next, the person in charge(usually in most cases will be the driver) will assess the service at hand and collect payment(if it is a residential job) and/or begin service if everything is agreed upon. Typically with a commercial job/service request we receive payment on a later agreement. We will then get all of our necessary tools/equipment useful o the service at hand. For the "Unit Clear/Clean Outs" you would most times require: several contractor bags, hand truck/dolly, four wheel/dolly floor roller, wheel barrel, broom, rake & shovel(possibly), leaf blower, doorway trim guard(for safely removing furniture), a reach "picker", possibly light(s) and a drill(if any dismounting or disassembling may be involved), and dust pan (some jobs may differ with the required equipment needed).