Our company was first founded in 2018 by Carlos Peacock at age 35. His goal was to start a business doing something that trademarked his ambitious nature to make something out of nothing all the while providing to those in need of help. He would use a sense of pride in the help he provided. Given that he did not want to include his actual name in the business title but instead he would use the presence or essence if you will; so as when a male peacock expands his feathers this is commonly known and/or referred to as a "Peacock's Pride". 

       As well as being helpful he thought what could be more helpful then removing clutter from someone's life and making room for new beginnings. He then thought back of what aches and stresses of moving can put on a person. In his days of employment with his growing job history, he picked up a few or more moving jobs to gain the experience along with his own personal moving from city to city throughout his life.

       Reflecting back on having to move and knowing the pressure, stresses, anxiety, and body aches; in this thought he figured what would be better then doing it yourself or having someone else deal with the hassle and hardships that moving from house to house or even office to office.

       Along with moving we seem to always come across items or junk we do not care to move back in with us at our new relocating residence/office space. This is another chance and perfect opportunity to contact Pride Transport/Hauling for all your hauling and transport needs.

      In conclusion, we are a new and growing company, so as we grow changes will be made accordingly; we are also aware of the growing demand for employment and realize how many other criteria's that have a never ending requirement list. Although our structure will have its own requirements, we realize our services are more hands on labor and suitable for those who are more talented with manual labor rather than an office job. We would like to give those that are hired a positive outlook on life as they grow within our company by learning more skills  while climbing the ladder to success with providing our customers and family an outstanding service.

 (Business Licensed and ready to go)




Current Vehicles/Vessels


   * Truck #001> 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L(Color: Red)




* Truck #002> 2019 Ram Classic 1500 3.6L(Color: White)




** Trailer #001> 52 Studebaker, single axle with built side walls and ramp



** Trailer #002> Flatbed, single axle and ramp



** Trailer #003> Custom Build, single axle and Open Boxed/walls and ramp