Questions we've came across....

Over our time of business we have received various questions and scenarios. We would like to have an answer as we are asked. At anytime and point of encountering service from our company; please feel free to ask and/or inquire on an unanswered question. 


Q: Is your company licensed and do you have insurance?

A: Yes


Q: Do you work all year round?

A: Yes, we provide service rain or shine, cold or hot weather. In the event "Weather" may be a concern and/or hazardous to our company's employees, company's liability and/or your property/belongings; you will have notice to reschedule.


Q: Do you charge a hauling load as in, fully loading up your vehicle(s)?

A: No, we base 1 hauling load in a size capacity of up to 15 cubic feet(think of about 4 washer/dryers space).


Q: How far would you drive?

A: We are permitted to provide service to all California(for the time being), as well as "your"(the customer) comfort of mileage.


Q: How do I request service?

A: We have our "Contact Us" page displayed in our navigation menu at the top end of each page. Upon clicking on the Contact Us button, you will notice an immediate picture with detailed instructions on how to use the "Contact Form". Just below that, you are able to view our Business phone number, Email address, and E-Fax address. At the bottom portion of the page you will notice a click open menu titled,"Contact Form".   


Q: If I have multiple real estate/properties can I combine charges and/or services under one bill?

A: No, unfortunately. Each residence or property can be billed to one primary contact/customer, but individually billed to its own residence/address, along with it's own individual job charges.


Q: "Are you going to be able to fit all that"?

A: Yes! Our experience will help us make just about every open space we have put to use and we will secure items/objects as needed. In the event we feel the situation is not secure or if you requested; we will make extra trips if need be.


Q: Is there an age limit to request service?

A: Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age or have an adult 18 years old or older(preferably a legal guardian) request service for you and accept charges.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: We are a transport/moving and hauling company primarily, we have provided residential moving jobs, as well as transported items one way and our major reoccurring service has been hauling away junk and unwanted items. Other jobs we've done consist of "Unit Clear Outs" from previous tenant(s). Any other services should be found on our "Services" page.


Q: How early or late can you start services?

A: Our scheduled times and days of operation is on our "Home" page and also on our Google page. Any earlier or later services may be requested and if we are able to fulfill the request, there may be extra charges involved.


Q: Are you open on holidays?

A: Usually not, but our schedule is on our Home page and Google page. 


Q: How do you advertise?

A: Our biggest advertisement is by "word of mouth". Next would be our business cards, company vehicle(s), flyers, website, Networking, Facebook/Social Media, google and our uniforms. 


Q: Do you only do Commercial work or just Residential services?

A: Both


Q: What if I don't want to use your vehicle's and equipment?

A: You can just request a "Laborer" which is basically just our employee(s) providing the manpower and in most cases taking your lead; which in most cases will be a money saving route.


Q: Does the weight of the item(s)/load matter?

A: Yes; the heavier the item or load, the more strain and fatigue on our workers' which may slow them down and/or as well as excessive wear and tear on the company's vehicles. Also may increase possible liability risk. If, this is a haul away job, this would increase dump fees for us as well.


Q: How soon can you get the job done?

A: As soon as you properly complete our contact form and we contact you for confirmation of time and date. Usually we are able to check emails/website/messages within a 24-48 hour period or sooner(in most cases, usually within the first 3 hours of your submitting request of service).


Q: If I request service, that means you must address and provide service; right?

A: We do want to help attend to all service request as much as possible but to address the question..... Not exactly, depending on the situation and/or our schedule; "We reserve the Right to decline service to anyone", no matter age, ethnicity, political views, religion, etc. With that being said, we will do our best to satisfy your request.


Q: What if your website is down or malfunctioning?

A: In this event you would contact us direct via phone or email and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. If we are doing maintenance to the website a maintenance page with info should be posted.


Q: Why did you choose this business?

A: Our founder; being a born leader, wanted to help those in need of clutter removal and moving services, all while helping bring extra job opportunity to those specialized in manual labor. (A little factual humor :)


Q: Has anyone had issues with your prices?

A: Not really, our prices are comfortable and convenient. Although we may have had 1 or 2 customers who may have questioned our rates, in which case we explained the business aspect of it as far as taking Insurance liability just for being on the property, then it made sense.